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Thinking Big? Take Your Business to IPO Status and Cash In

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Not every online marketer is looking to join the list of newly minted billionaires. But if you’re growing your business with an eye to one day doing an IPO (initial public offering of stock) then there’s good news:

With the year not yet over, about 2,850 businesses and special purpose acquisition companies have raised more than $600 billion in IPOs, leaving the records for both deal count and proceeds reached in 2007 in the dust, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

How do you get your business to IPO status? Think of it this way: Instead of selling on eBay, invent the next online marketplace.

Instead of advertising on Facebook, create the next social media hangout.

And instead of creating informational products, create a place where others can create and sell their own products.

In other words, kick it up one notch and you could be making billions in just a few short years, too.

Kinda fun to think about, am I right?