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Shower Thoughts is a subreddit of Reddit, and it’s also a fascinating place to find philosophical tidbits that may or may not change your perspective on marketing, on life and a whole lot more.


Social Media: The 98% of us who are reasonable, logic-employing people are being forced to watch the 2% have an all-out death match across all media platforms because the algorithms were programed to amplify their messages.

Posted byu/welp_thats_hurtful


YouTube Reaction Videos: The reason why reaction videos are so popular is because it fills the void of the people who shared a video to a friend and they didn’t react at all.

Posted byu/RL_NewLeaf


What Happens When You Get Rich: Money probably doesn’t change people so much as it allows them to become who they really are.

Posted byu/obeythefro


Wikipedia: Wikipedia’s writing has a surprisingly consistent tone considering how many people contribute to it.

Posted byu/platanopower8


Someone You Know?: Maybe midlife crises aren’t really a crisis at all; the person has just reached a point in their life when they can do what they want and don’t care what anyone else thinks. The people who are upset by it are just mad that their opinion doesn’t matter.

Posted byu/BJntheRV


Make Your Customers Feel Good About Themselves: Quiz shows have lots of questions about celebrities and movies to make people who watch tv all day feel smart and keep watching.

Posted byu/JohnyWuijtsNL


So True: Lifetime warranties really mean the company’s lifetime, not yours.

Posted byu/Cosmic_Gumbo


Never Thought of it This Way: Lottery tickets come with a ‘you lose or your money back’ guarantee

Posted byu/King_Bean031


Expensive 4 Year Pyramid Schemes: If the only job that a university education can get you is to teach the same subject you graduated at, it’s basically a pyramid scheme.

Posted byu/manzare


Your Subconscious is Running Your Life: Our brain is the most power computer in the world, and no one, not even the owners, have administrative access in it.

Posted byu/xDreeganx


Whoa: There’s probably a place in the universe where a constellation of stars looks like a portrait of you.

Posted byu/jmabbz


I Want One of These: If 24 hour clocks started at 23:59 and counted down till 00:01, people might try getting more done

Posted byu/Conanobrain


Ha!: People will tell you to cut negative people out of your life and then get pissed when you stop hanging around them.

Posted byu/elmsdaddy3


Oh Crap: There could be a viral video of you doing something random with millions of views and you have no idea because you haven’t seen it.

Posted byu/P0RKYM0LE


Sounds Like a Sales Opportunity to Me: The older you get the more you realize that almost everybody is dealing with some level of addiction, loneliness, sadness, self-doubt, or anxiety.

Posted byu/TheGreatCanadian13