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Trend Surfing for Cash

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If you follow the trends, you can make a fortune.

Most niches have trends. For example, in the make money online niche, trends tend to center around the newest methods, the latest social media fads and whatever is hot that month. Look at JVZoo to see what’s selling and the Warrior Forum for what people are talking about, and in an hour of research you’ll know exactly what’s hot right now.

There is a lot of money to be made watching these trends and jumping in quickly. After all, it really is true that money loves speed.

You pick a trend, do a day or two of research, write or record your product, and launch it. Yes, there are already a dozen products out there on this trend, but guess what? If you do a halfway decent job of creating and promoting your product, then yours will sell too, right along with everyone else’s.

You can even offer resources related to the trend or fad, rather than teaching about the trending topic itself. For example, you might write about how to start that type of business using free online tools. Or you could create a directory of service providers on Fiverr that offer related gigs.

Watch the trends, see what’s selling and then jump in. The most you can lose is a couple of days work, and you might in fact profit greatly.