How to Drastically Increase Your Sales Page Conversions

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The best copywriters in the world do this, although you may never hear about it.

It’s so simple, really, and yet powerful. And once you start doing it, you’ll likely see your sales go up in a really big way.

Here’s what you do: Take a good look at your product from a prospect’s point of view. Come up with every single objection they might have as to why they cannot or will not buy your product.

Write down all of these objections – every single one of them.

And then answer them in your sales copy.

For example, might they say you’re charging too much? Outline the potential income and benefits they’ll receive compared to the pittance they’re paying.

Are they afraid it won’t work? Create a money back guarantee that assures them they are taking absolutely, positively no risk, and back it up with plenty of testimonials.

Might they say it’s too complicated? Show them how easy it is, or provide a ‘done for you’ service.’

This is such a simple thing, yet most marketers never take the time to do it. Just gather all the objections together, overcome each one in your sales copy, and they won’t have a reason left not to buy your product.


Email Writing Prompts

Hopefully you’re sending 6 or 7 emails to your list each week for maximum exposure, relationship building and sales.

But if you are, you already know the greatest obstacle – coming up with new ideas on what to put in your emails.

Here are a list of writing prompts you can use to help you find ideas and keep your emails interesting and relevant.

After all, the better your emails, the more likely they are to be consistently opened, read and acted upon.

Here we go…

A list of ways that your product will help you with _____.

Wish I’d known ____ before ____.

What ____ means for {company or industry}.

The best things I learned at ______.

______: I Learned The Tough Way.

What happened on this day_____ {pick a number} years ago.

100 ____ that will ____ you be more awesome at what you do.

We’ve been doing this wrong…

Ask ____ {pick a number} people the same question and compile it into a collaborative email.

Why this ____ {pick a video} teaches you all you need to know about ____.

____ {pick a number} _____ {type of videos} Videos That Will Help You ______.

The ultimate guide to ______.

Do _____ {number} Things By _____ {event}.

What ____ {name of someone or something} Never Told You The Truth About ____.

Why I’m going to quit ______.

What are your goals for the next five years?

____ {number} Real People Share Their Biggest _______ {topic} Problems

____ {number} Ways To Track _____ {topic} Your _____ Without Going Crazy

____ {number} Blog Posts To Read When You’re _____.

This Trick Helped Me ____.

What You Need To Know If You’re _____.

How I Went From ______ To _____.

____ {number} Empowering Ways To Track ____ Without ____.

The Truth About ____.

___ {number} Crucial Things To Do If _____.

___ {number} ___ That Will ___.

___ {number} ___ Share The Top Tips They Give To _____.

What Is ___, Anyway?

Here’s What Makes The Real Difference Between ____ And ____.

Is Giving Up ____ A Good Way To ____.

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About ___.

Why ___ Doesn’t Want You To ___.

Is This The Reason You Can’t ___.

The Exact Formula For ___.

___ {number} Ways ___ Can Help You ___.

Why ___ Should Just Relax About ___.

___ {number} Ways To ___ Without ___.

___ {number} ___ {topic} Hacks To Add To Your Bag Of Tricks

Real-Life Solutions For _____.

Low-Cost Tools To Help With ____.

Conquer Your Fear Of ___ With ___.

___ {number} ___ Ideas To Give A Try

Must-Have ____ Tips To Have For ___

___ {year} ____ Trends

___ {number} DIY ___ Ideas

___ {number} ___ Budget Busters

Easy ___ Tips For Your ___.

Easy-To-Make ___ That Will ___.

Must-Have-Tools For A ___.

___ On A Budget: Tips To ___.

1-Hour Tips For ___ That Will ___.

___ {Topic}: Easy Ways To ___.

Spruce Up Your ___ With These Awesome ____ Tips.

___ {number} Things ___ (certain title for a person) Do.

___ {number} Rules That Are Stupid.

___ {number} Warning Signs That ___.

The Heartbreaking Reality Of ___.

___ {number} Things That ___ {certain people title} Think About ___.

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