Internet Marketing

Keeping Subscribers Engaged

It is important to keep your subscribers engaged once you have them on your email list. There are a few ways to do this, including providing valuable and relevant content, offering incentives and discounts, and sending regular communication.

Internet Marketing

How To Build a Profitable Email List

Let’s start at the beginning: What’s an email list and why do you need one?
An email list is a database of email addresses that you can use to send marketing messages to your customers and prospects.

Internet Marketing

Mind Boggling Email Marketing Stats for 2022

One of the oldest and most effective marketing strategies is email marketing, and in fact email ROI is a mind blowing $36 for every $1 spent.
For your reading pleasure and possible astonishment, here is a list of email marketing statistics to demonstrate just how powerful email can be.
The stats come from all over the place, the data was compiled by Hubspot and the sometimes snarky comments in italics are all mine.

List Building

How to Get a 200% Increase in Opt-Ins

Here’s how a simple change to your opt-in page can give you a 200% increase in your conversions.
Or rather…
The BIG mistake you’re making right now that’s costing you a TON of opt-ins every single day.