So You Think YOU Screwed Up

Odds are sooner or later you’re going to make a mistake in your business. I’m not talking about forgetting to post, posting the wrong thing or missing a deadline. I’m talking something so bad you want to hide in bed

Do You Know What You Stand For? Apple Does

It’s said that if you stand for nothing, then you will fall for anything. It’s also true that if you stand for nothing, your prospects won’t have a reason to become your fans and loyal customers. In fact, they won’t

Watch Out: 5 Hidden Reasons Google Business Profiles Are Suspended

If you work with local businesses then you know that the suspension of a Google Business Profile can be a nightmare for your clients. Recently we discovered 5 “unwritten” rules that can trigger the suspension of Google Business Profiles without

Man wearing a white tshirt

Seth Godin – “Is it a t-Shirt Brand?”

“Not all projects become t-shirt brands, nor should they. The risk is in thinking you’re building one when you’re not. T-shirt worthy brands are a very small subset of the whole. The question is: Would your customers want to wear