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Steps to Creating a Killer Landing Page

Landing pages are hard to design because of the pressure. You know that every word is working for or against you. You know that visitors will make up their minds in nano seconds of whether or not to stay on

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Do You Know the Marketing Rule of ONE?

Three words describe this rule of one: Simple, Mighty and Effective. Simple because it actually makes your marketing much easier, rather than harder. Mighty because this one small change produces massive results. And effective because when applied correctly, the conversions

Double Your Conversions with this Hidden Sales Letter

If you’ve read enough spy stories, you’ve seen how messages can be hidden within messages. Maybe every 14th word on the page spells out the location of buried treasure, or the first letter on every page spells the time and date when they break out of prison, or…
You get the idea.


How to Keep Your Copywriting Skills Fresh

Sometimes the world does give me a little nudge

Like the time I was introduced to a small group of young copywriters at a conference. They were polite and pleasant enough.