Case Study: How to Earn $371,882 Developing and Selling Digital Products, Step by Step

This is loosely based on Neil Patel’s million-dollar formula as shared online. In his formula, he outlines the bare basics of what you would need to do to earn millions of dollars, just as he has.
I’m going to fill in the gaps as I go, staying true to his formula but taking most of the guess work out of the process for you.

Why Your Story Telling Might be Ruining Your Business (Internet Marketing)

This is mainly for marketers in the “make money online” niche, although it does cross over to other niches as well.
Over and over they tell us to “tell our story” so that our audience can relate to us. After all, if we can go from being poor to being rich, then we can teach our customers to do the same, right?

The 3 Things that Make Your Website Convert

I’m using the word “convert” here loosely because I don’t know exactly what your goal is with your website. But whether it’s to get subscribers, to inform your readers, to make sales or to drive traffic to offers, none of that will happen if you don’t get awesomely good at these three things we’ll cover.

17 Expert Methods to Grow Your Email List

If you have an email list, you already know that you have to continually add new subscribers to keep your list profitable. While some customers will buy from you forever, others buy today but not tomorrow. Or they change email addresses, or simply lose interest.